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Jun 24, 2020

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In episode #31 of the All-In Podcast, I interview Jayson the Argonaut. Jayson was a late bloomer and didn't start working out or pursuing a fitness until he was 23 years old.  After experiencing the life-changing results his new lifestyle granted him, he decided that he wanted to train others. He has been working in the fitness industry now for over 13 years as a personal trainer and a strength and conditioning coach.
More recently, Jayson became involved in theatre, moved into the film and television world, and is currently working on a film with several of his colleagues to bring awareness to human trafficking.

He has battled depression for most of his life and has discovered that the constant pursuit of one's mission is the driving force to conquering mental illness. Jayson created his concept 'The Primal Fire' based on his belief that there is a fire that burns inside all of us that, if fueled, will lead us to our ultimate purpose, and purpose is the key to greatness.